Here you will find information about places visited within the game.

Clearfield map

Clearfield – The Occupied City

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The human city that is occupied by the faeries. There are many locations within Clearfield.
Country: United States
Commonwealth: Pennsylvania
County: Lokkahanichi
Founded: January 29, 1674
Incorporated: February 14, 1756 (As a city)
Government: Mayor – Derek Johnson
Area: City – 25. 44 sq mi / Land – 29.40 sq mi / water .99 sq mi Population: ~76,925 (as of 2010 census)
Zip Code: 18329-1847


  • Lokkahanichi River – Named for Indian tribe that once lived here.
  • Commuter Subway Line – red dotted line. Doesn’t get used as much and only runs 3 times a day. Was used extensively in the 1930s and 40s, when it was an above ground line. Great revitilization plan of the 60s converted it to a subway for most of the line and the increase in cars made it a much less used option.
  • Bus Stops
  • Bus Line ===■===■===
  • A – Anfield Art Museum – “Currently under renovation. Come grow with us!”
  • B – The Old Duke’s Castle – In the center of city park
  • C – Clearfield City Park – Large park
  • D – Clearfield Aquariam and Zoo – Housed within the park
  • E – Clearfield State College – The local state college
  • F – Markson Stadium – Covered baseball stadium that doubles as a concert venue
  • G – City RTA Hub/Greyhound Station/Amtrack – Transportation hub
  • H – Dodgson Botanical Gardens – Tourist gardens for the city
  • I – Warehouse District – Where many things are stored before being take to the docks, train, or airport
  • J – Airport – (on outskirts of town), very small commuter airport
  • K – River Docks – Where boats load and unload cargo.
  • L – Clearfield Historical Graveyard – Open to the public during daylight hours.
  • M – Masterson Country Club – Next to the very wealthy district
  • N – Miller’s Bridge – Large suspension bridge over the Lokkahanichi river. The other two bridges are Northbridge and Southbridge. To leave SouthWest of Miller means to live in the rich district.
  • O – Public Works Plant – Electricity Generation, offices, county prison, etc. etc.
  • P – Peryton College – High class college in the area
  • Q – St. Martin Episcopal Church – Largest episcopal church in the city
  • R – Neighborhood under development - A neighborhood being developed
  • S – Island In The River – parks, a few houses, some woods
  • T – Old Manor House – The old manor house, deeded to dukes sons and turned into a tourist location
  • U – Meadowbrook Shopping District – Big shopping district
  • V – Downtown District – Tall Buildings, places of business, etc.
  • W – The City Courtyard – City Hall, government officesv
  • X – Residential District – Many middle class houses here.
  • Y – Clearfield Public Library – Currently up for a renewal levy
  • Z – Daniel’s Park – Small park, some walking trails and ballfields

The Shadow Courts – Home To The Summer Queen and Winter King

The general area that are home to the specific faeries occupying clearfield.


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