Getting To Know Your Fey Neighbors

The fey realms are very unique and strange, and if you haven’t read a lot of fiction regarding them or seen movies that touch on the subject, then you might tend to take the disnified approach to faery realms. Let’s put it this way, Tinkerbell wouldn’t survive a half-second with real fey. We’re talking Grimm’s Faery Tales here. Here is some information about how the realms of Faery will work in this game.

Specific Types of Faeries That Will Be Encountered

  • Elves – Tall, graceful, beautiful, ephemeral. Usually the pinnacle of Faery courts. Like nordic elves. The oldest often have pure white skin.
  • Trolls – Can be small stocky like dwarves, but often ugly. Mean tempered, not well liked. Can also be large and mean and dumb.
  • Changeling – A faery child that mimics a human child. Used to replace stolen human children. Sometimes they are created from bundles of sticks and leaves, and often they die when young. Sickly human children were often thought to be changelings. Sometimes changeling is a generic term used for a human/faery offspring.
  • Dwarves – Live deep in mountains, spend much of their time in forges.
  • Goblins – Small, gangly, angry.
  • Sprites – Small winged humanoids.
  • Brownies – Small gnome like creatures who help around the house. Leaving them a bowl of milk is a good idea.
  • Hounds – Faery do keep hounds, but these are often large magical beasts.
  • Slaugh - Spirits of the restless dead who retain a faery form. They often look like Gollum from the LOTR movies.
  • And lots more…


  • The nature of faery is nigh impossible to define. While certain generalities can be made, that does not mean they won’t be broken. Faery just works that way.
  • “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – William Shakespeare. I.e. There are near innumerable types of faeries, there are spirits for every type of thing there are. Some are more common than others.
  • Faeries are friendly, but not always. They are capricious and fond of jokes, but often they hate being the brunt of them.
  • Faeries are both light and dark, Seelie and Unseelie. Some are helpful, some are just evil and out for their own goals.
  • Heaven and hell exist, but they’ve got no claim on faery kind. Good and Evil just aren’t the same to them.
  • The land of Faerie, where faeries live, sits right next to the human world and overlaps it sometimes.
  • Faeries exist all over the world.
  • Faeries have many rules, and they are always changing in subtle ways. Some stories say they can’t outright lie, but that doesn’t mean they can’t deceive.
  • Faery are very tied to myth and symbolism.
  • Faery possess an unearthly beauty. Some also possess highly inhuman features and shapes.
  • Certain faery often organize into courts, generally divided into Summer and Winter.
  • Some of the fey that will be encountered will have adapted to much of the modern world, but not all will have. There will be a strange imbalance of those fey who know of modern things and those who believe these new fads will soon pass.
  • Those who encounter faery always come back changed…

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Getting To Know Your Fey Neighbors

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