To The Waters and The Wild

Session 5

Fey Time

  • The group went to Evan’s new apartment, the one he won from Calmarous.
  • Maximus tried to strike a deal with goblins, but found they were bound by honor (and magic) to not reveal things they were asked to keep secret and would not betray the trust of their position.

September 12th – 14th, 2010

  • They were sent back to Clearfield, arrived on the 12th. Despite the fact that they spent weeks in the fey realms, they were only gone 2 or 3 days mortal time.
  • Evan set up Suvid’s legal identity. Cormac attended to his items at the place he was mooching a couch to sleep on. He got them out and took them to the apartments in the fey lands.
  • Paul used his new teleportation magic to set up a portal near a wifi capable router. He logged on and found oddity while using the internet. The Google logo moved with pixies in it. Wikipedia was getting edited by odd sources and strange IPs. Things that were changed there were becoming real in the mortal realms. The connection was being altered by passing through the portal.
  • Max set up a room service at the Motel 6 that he became owner of. The owners were not happy with their new manager roles, but begrudgingly accepted. – See GM Note about Maximus’ title.
  • Paul hacks britt’s facebook (providence) and covers up her absence. The glamour on clearfield took care of the rest of the details.

Fey Time

  • They all teleported back to the apartments. Suvid came back to thank Maximus for his new identity, despite the fact that his driver’s license looked like a 100 year old chinese man.
  • The group introduced Suvid to Netflix in the hopes of keeping him distracted. {Suvid went to the mortal realm, interested in this netflix thing. He tried to purchase and negotiate control, but failed. He then lead a group of his servants to attack them and took out 3 distribution centers before he got bored with the idea. He now hates netflix. He is looking at this thing called blockbuster, and might bail them out…}
    *Evan visited the stables with everyone else and all were granted a gift of being able to take out noble horses. They were also informed that royal parties did not appreciate Evan riding Lazulin, even if it did help calm his madness.
  • Cormac was given a sword by L, no other information was given.
  • Maximus gathered Alpaca Wool and Strawberries because they heard that the Grey Ladies wanted exotic wool and the Sapphire Courtesan wanted to try strawberries.
  • Sent strawberries to the Sapphire Courtesan, but their status was not high enough to even be noticed by her. Her handmaiden sent a curt, but gracious reply.
  • Taking the wool to the Grey Ladies they found a quickling answering her door. He seemed odd. They then found the area devoid of goblin gimballs and guides and finally tracked one down a 5 minute walk away. He was enchanted by something. They rushed to the aid of the grey ladies and fought off 5 quicklings attacking them.
  • They killed 2, knocked 2 unconscious, and pinned one to the floor with teleported rebar.



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