To The Waters and The Wild

Session 4

Fey Time

  • The rooms filled with daylight and everyone awoke. The group met max. He and Cormac recounted the events of the night before. (Session 3.5)
  • Group asked goblins about various rumors. Found out Lazulin the Royal Horse was having some issues, the Sapphire Courtesan likes strawberries, the Grey Ladies were looking for exotic wools, and Blazing Barda was looking for new meats.
  • They decided to pursue Lazulin. Went to see the horse and watched it crush a goblin in it’s rage. Lokil gazed it down and put it to sleep. Pointed them to Nalir, the real stablemaster. He was injured after being kicked (“The little guy got some good air though!” – Lokil).
  • They went to see Kolya, who was taking care of him. He showed them a ritual to join in the howling with the hounds, then showed them to Nalir. Nalir gave his permission to see the horse and try to solve it’s issue.
  • They decided there was some odd rage in the horse and he hadn’t been ridden for a while. Mac decided to try to ride it out, and he was allowed by Nalir mostly because the intervening death would be entertaining to the courts. He was granted temporary use of a suit of monolith armor to make it sporting and allowed to spend some time training before Lazulin’s next bought of madness. It took about 2 weeks. In the intervening time, much happened.
  • Maximus taught travel magic basics to paul, who caught on very well.
  • Maximus taught the basics of dueling to Cormac.
  • Cormac was challenged to a duel by a mysterious elf. Cormac got a lucky shot (superb +4) and the elf was humbled because he let his guard down. He politely withdrew and conceded the fair victory.
  • Paul was approached by many Fey who were fascinated by his nature and providence. He managed their expectations well and didn’t get stuck in any deals.
  • Maximus was awarded the title “He who oversees that which cannot be controlled.”
  • Maximus made a deal with a goblin for one “Lock any door I ask you to.”
  • Many bets were made about whether Evan would survive. Evan made a bet with Calmarous. If Evan survived, he would be awarded Calmarous’s apartments in the city. If Evan died, Calmarous would have any earthly land that Evan owned or had claim to.
  • Lazulin went into his mad rage and Evan was put on the horse. Maximus traded his “Door Locking” boon to lock “Evan’s backdoor to the saddle.”, thus making it harder to be bucked. Evan and Lazulin broke many walls and Evan forced his commanding presence onto the horse, controlling it and getting it out of the city gates. He let it ride where it wanted to go, expecting that the horse had a secret destination in mind.
  • Lazulin could not buck him and took him to a swamp (many leagues away) in hopes of getting him eaten by a spawn of Midgarðsormr (the Midgard Serpent). Evan got him under control enough to force him to jump the snake’s body. He got a lucky slash on the snake, cutting a tusk off and blinding one of it’s six eyes. His silver owl feather turned into sword, a gift from Freja Owlsdaughter.
  • He came back triumphant. Maximus tried to control the goblins for fanfare to build up cormac’s status, but it didn’t work due to the magic inherent in his new title.
  • There were parties, the group gained their first status bumps, and they were awarded Calmarous’ apartments.



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