To The Waters and The Wild

Session 3.5 - Encounters In The Night


  • Backstory for Maximus Aberu is fleshed out.
  • Sometime in 2001, Maximus, a graduate student studying Irish folklore, languages, and ancient Gaelic, encounters 2 sylphs on a mountaintop. Interrupting their commune, he makes a deal for 10 years of service in exchange for his life and silence about fey matters to the outside world.
  • The 2 fey ladies (sylph by definition) are Princess Vailessia and Lady Sorremix (sorceress to the River King’s court). They use Max as an errand boy, but find his mortalness wanting in completing their errands. Lady Sorremix sends him on his first mission. He is to deliver a knife to a Mayan man somewhere in brazil and return by 6pm. He makes obvious his mortal shortcomings, and she opens a portal for him. He studies her arcane sigils in the air and tries to duplicate them.
  • Maximus travels to Peru and meets the chief. He delivers the knife, suprisingly knowing a few words that allow him to communicate. He then spends 4 or 5 hours (and one near miss of opening a portal to the dark realms) in trying to recreate the portal back. He finally manages it and comes back just in time.
  • This was a test, and Maximus passed. He is trained, harshly, in teleportation magic and manages to pick up some scrying. Despite being thrust into danger many times, he never feels as if he is left without protection of some sort.
  • Maximus serves 9 of his 10 years carrying out various missions, mastering teleportation magic and gaining some scrying magic, and trying to temper the childish ways of prince Lorric as Vailessia requests. Vailessia makes him learn how to use a broadsword. She sets him up with a good teacher whom she tells to be gentle. The teacher is gentle, when Vailessia is watching. Maximus learns quickly. Princess Vailessia overcompensates incredibly when paying Maximus (or others) back for good deeds. She asks him to feed some homeless people, saying she’ll pay him back. He spends 50 dollars getting them meals and clothing, she makes a piece of paper lucky for him (lottery ticket), and he wins 5,000 dollars, etc.
  • Vailessia tells max that strange things are going on in a city called Clearfield that is somehow connected to the shadow courts. She is to be hostage to them for the next 50 years, and it starts soon. She wants him to investigate. She arranges someplace for him to stay in clearfield. It turns out to be the top floor of the ritziest hotel there.

Late July 2010

  • Maximus is there for the storm from July 21st to the 23rd.
  • Maximus watches the city for days, notices nothing truly strange. He bribes a brownie (honey on toast) for a better contact. This is Freja Owsldaughter, a humanish sorceress. She tells him of odd happenings and the deal for clearfield. Maximus reports back. Vailessia requests he stay in cleafield. He is there through the storm.
  • Maximus’ time in the hotel runs out. He rents a cheap motel room for a few days and notices strange fey happenings in the city, but the residents don’t seem to notice.
  • Maximus reports back and meets Vailessia, now a ‘hostage’ of the Shadow fey, in the Shadow Fey courts. She requests he watch over the party and help them, but not introduce himself until the group has reached the courts on their own. She suggests talking to Cormac first, as he has the strongest fey ties in his blood. Maximus requests some help with acquiring a modest place to stay. She arranges for the dead to the cheap motel to fall into Maximus’ hands.

??? – Shadow Fey Court

  • Maximus surprises Cormac in his sleep during the night, as that is when they are least likely to be observed. Foreshadowingly, he says he is there to help and his powers might help if trouble comes knocking (slight GM fiat). There is knocking on the door. Maximus teleports them out to another room then scries and teleports them back as soon as the visitors are gone. The visitors are Calmarous, who is trying to find Evan McGregor in the guest rooms.
  • The magic of the Goblins and the Guest rooms protects the guests from those who wish ill intent or who might do a guest harm in some way. This is done by preventing doors from being opened and people from being found, even moving rooms around to protect established guests.
  • Once back, Cormac tries to alert Evan and Paul. For some reason, the guest magic on the guest house works against cormac. (See GM Secret.) Oddly (great rolls), Cormac pushes past the guest magic with GREAT power. He feels a heat and headache in the shape of a crown on his head. (Superb+3) The backups, guaranteed by the dark gods, go into place and Cormac nearly falls into a void. Maximus saves him.
  • Cicerone, the head of the Goblin Guides and Gimballs, is alerted and comes rushing in with a butchers cleaver. He demands to know what is going on, then explains about the guest magic and the dark gods’ guarantee. He leaves.
  • After some talking, a knock is heard on the door. A letter is slipped under, saying that Likeshi wants to meet Cormac. After some cautious steps, goblin guides arrange a meeting at Likeshi’s quarters with her claim of protection. Cormac is smart about things. Cormac meets likeshi, the silver chained courtesan. She, sweetly and with great and exotic sex appeal, mentions she is a sensitive (in many ways) and felt power emanating from him earlier this night. She wants to know more and wanted to meet him. They share conversation and a single glass of wine. He heads out. Maximus was playing body guard the entire time and refused to share in wine.
  • On the way out, a hooded figure mentions that Cormac was visitng the harlot. He does so quite vehemently.
  • Cormac makes it back as the sun rises and gets an hour of sleep after Maximus poits back to his room in clearfield.



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