To The Waters and The Wild

Session 3 - In Which Things Begin To Happen

Tuesday The 7th

  • Everyone woke up after the party the night before. They had drank fey wine and it all got a little hazy.
  • Cormac painted the scene of the party.
  • Mac woke up with an owl feather, thinking he might have gotten laid by Freja. He found an obviously magical owl’s feather on his pillow.
  • The group gathered for breakfast to figure things out. Cormac showed the painting of the night’s events.
  • Paul Sczrnick was shown with lots of lights surrounding him. He was approached by Major General Toot Toot Minimus of the Za Lord’s Elite, demanding his army back. A small fight ensued, then a bunch of negotiation over a donut. Paul traded the army back for help in a future battle and one donut.
  • The group compared the fact that they all received an email from an anonymous “friend” who advised them on where they could find a place that would work for the ritual of the shadow road that paul knows. It required a significant amount of gold, a lantern, sackcloth, and a confession of loss.
  • Mac found a memory of a ring tossed off of miller’s bridge. Britt had a 16th birthday present. Paul wanted to find a recent divorcee who hadn’t traded in the ring and use her for the confession.
  • The group decided to search for the ring tossed off the bridge. Cormac jumped into the river (being the best swimmer) and swam down to find it. Britt used her wishing power (and a fudge point) to gather all the magic in the river to illuminate the ring. Cormac found it, and then swam around underwater for a few minutes. He then remembered that he needed to breathe and surfaced quickly. He had no problem up till then. He saw a strange figure and a pair of eyes in the water’s murk just before surfacing.

Thursday The 9th

  • The group infiltrated a grief support group and Britt convinced everyone that they should move the next session to the room where her brother died. Britt’s overwhelming wholesomeness turned the group, and their confessions of of grief powered the spell. The illusion over clearfield hid the group’s ritual from the grief support group and the group moved onto the shadow realm.
  • The group found themselves on the shadow road and proceeded forward past creepy trees that bled and whose leaves seemed to be dead sprites.
  • The group was ambushed by a group of ghouls, led by Ghorak the Mad Ghoul. Britt made a deal for any one of her breaths if they would have safe passage through the road. Ghorak agreed and protected them from Knuckletooth the Slaugh, whom he beheaded. For no conceivable reason, Cormac picked up the head of Knuckletooth the Slaugh and put it in the bag.
  • The group found their way to the shadow fey court and went down the steps. The guard at the gate didn’t acknowledge anyone but Cormac, whose Selkie blood made him viable to be acknowledged. The group was let in tangentially and found the court deserted. Only lantern dragonettes were around. The group found a blacksmith who they couldn’t see but whom they could interact with. They found Lageel who teleported them to Hidden Princess Vailessia. She offered to introduce them to the courts and try to help them become court members, but she cautioned them that it would be very dangerous.
  • She lead them before the queen in the great hall. They could see no one but felt their presence. Vailessia introduced them and everyone told of their strengths and reasoning to become court members. Britt mentioned the deal she made. Ghorak chose this moment to claim his breath. He chose britt’s current breath. This put her into a magical coma. The matter was discussed and the queen ruled that the deal was valid, despite Mac’s attempted lawyering and Paul’s attempted philosophizing. The deal held and britt was taken by Vailessia to a safe place.
  • The group were granted titles. Brit was granted Chevalier De Mortal Coil, while everyone else was named a Chevalier De Cleafeild. They were served wine and named, then went to their quarters after a dance with Blazing Barda. At the guest quarters they met Lighting Lord Suvid. Mac made a deal to set him up a mortal legal presence in exchange for some blackmail dealings with Calmarous and revealing that Calmarous was spreading lies about the battle. This was a bad idea. Heh heh heh he.
  • The group went to sleep in their quarters.



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