To The Waters and The Wild

Session 2 - Research and Answers


  • August 31st, 2010 (Tues) – After defeating Calmarous and his henchmen, the group sits down with Father Oleg and talks with him. They find out he once did an “exorcism”, the recipient of which turned out to be a werewolf. This opened Oleg’s mind to odd events. He thought this was the case for the group, but that didn’t end up being the case. Father Oleg showed them his invitation to Dinner at winter’s kiss, then asked the group to go in his proxy.
  • The group decided to look into it and felt there was more to Father Oleg than expected.
  • September 1st, 2010 (Wed) – The group tracks down some leads. Paul goes to the old manor house on the river with Britt, but doesn’t find anything. Britt swears she sees faery everywhere, but Britt is so excited no one believes.
  • Mac has his research assistant find some stuff online, but it doesn’t pan out too well. He narrows it down, but can’t put his finger on it. Cormic goes to the local library and doesn’t find too much information of use. Mac goes to the historical society, but their information doesn’t get enough.
  • September 2nd, 2010 (Thurs) – The group thinks that Winter’s Kiss is the old quarry turned into the public works building. Paul’s dad works there, so he goes to lunch with his dad. Cormac and Mac go searching through the public records archive. They regroup after Paul’s Dad mentions that the Old Manor House used to be called winter’s kiss, as luck would have it.
  • The group prepares and goes to the manor house for “Dinner”. They are allowed in by Tallowgrass, the Satyr butler. They meet the “Hidden” ambassador, and he is invisible. He uses a spell to show himself for the evening. Freja Owlsdaughter, a feyblooded but human (changeling) sorceress joins them for dinner. The group learns that Clearfield is occupied by the fey due to an old agreement that the fey feel was betrayed. The group learned that they all had fey blood or unusual circumstances. Cormac has selkie blood, Evan has something odd and comprised of memory, Britt unnerved Freja, and Paul was born with unearthly levels of luck.
  • The group learns that they are in a unique position to entreat with the courts, and that the ambassador is friendly to their ideas, but not able to truly act. After drinking fey wine, the group forgets what is going on for the rest of the night, but Freja taught Paul the shadow road ritual. They all wake up in their own beds, well taken care of and rested.



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