To The Waters and The Wild

Session 1 - Encountering The Oddness

  • Started with group character creation. Characters are:
    • Paul Scrznk – A 15 year old boy who goes to school in clearfield. He is a child of providence and good things just happen to him.
    • Evan Connor “Mac” Mcgregor – A lawyer/bar owner from Wappakannetta (a small town near clearfield). He sees himself as a big brother type of character to Cormac. He has some kind of innate deal making ability.
    • Cormac Macintosh- An artist in Clearfield who was born in Edinborough and then lived in small Scottish towns during his childhood. He has Selkie blood in his veins but doesn’t know it.
    • Britt Tamsen – A 16 year old girl who is above average in most things. She is obsessed with magical stuff and, unbeknownst to her, she has a fairy Godmother, like for real.


  • July 21st to 23rd, 2010 – A major storm rolled into Clearfield and only into Clearfield. It ended on the 23rd. Colder weather continued until august 2nd.
  • August 2nd – Evan “Mac” Mcgregor was contacted by a Clearfield lawyer who needed help with the case of Mark Rastery, a man accused of the attempted murder of the mayor of clearfield. He came from Wappakanetta. Cormac wakes up to find his clothing and items continuously being cleaned and organized. Paul is finding his luck extra good, and continuously finds himself in contact with young girls in his class.
  • August 2 – 9 – Mac investigates the Rastery case and the strange claims of “I did it because the strange man would kill my children otherwise.” Mac finds the children a bit odd and the wife slightly dazed. Paul sees strange things at the school. Britt says the thing is a pookah, whatever that is. Cormac keeps finding his stuff cleaned and organized every morning.
  • August 16 – The river freezes for no reason. The temp is 70. No one seems to notice. Mac comes to Clearfield to investigate, since no one seems to notice.
  • August 17 – Cormac goes to river to paint it and investigate. Britt is there ice skating, so is Paul. Mac is taking an ice sample. As he puts it on his tongue, the entire river melts with ice. (related to contract magic) Paul is dunked, all the kids ice skating are saved. Britt shows the group a strange site with the bus. looking at it out of the side of your eye shows it as a group hunting people, not a bus. Nobody still seems to notice the oddities.
  • August 18 – Mentioning the White Witch in a narnia joke makes Mac shiver. Paul talks to Cormac, so does Mac. They all agree it’s weird.
  • August 19 – Sample of water that Mac sent out comes back. Shows signs of flash freezing (bacteria normally in it destroyed by extreme cold, no chemical signs, very pure)
  • August 26 – Mac is visited by a strange white haired man who gives him a memory that calms him but is not his own. (fulfillment of deal). Cormac receives a submission form for the Anfield Museum art show. The theme has been changed to “The Surreal Within The Mundane” and the submission is on vellum… Calls Mac, who finds it odd. The submission form has very odd questions. Paul has somehow scored his class tickets to the art show opening by writing an essay, the school is ecstatic and thanks him, but he didn’t write any essay.
  • August 31 – The art show is today. Cormac’s art is up and admired by some, despite it being in the back. Mac finds out rastery hung himself in his cell. Cormac’s painting is admired and taken right after “The Black Prince” makes a speech about clearfield belonging to some king. A strange eared person grabs the painting at “The Black Prince’s” request as it is sufficient for his liking. Cormac and Mac try to stop him, Mac more so. They “step” out of the way and dissapear. Father Oleg approaches them and says they should meet him at St. Martins church. At St. Martin’s church, the group finds Father Oleg being attacked. Mac challenges Calmarous, the one who took the painting, to a duel. They fight, though it is dirty to the death, surrender, or flee. The prizes are Calmarous may never enter the church here or Mac’s right arm. Mac wins by drenching himself in holy water and bear hugging Calmarous. Paul, britt, and Cormac are edging away. Cormac throws holy water on an elf of Calmarous’s and it burns him. The church bells ring and that weakens the elves. A pookah who reluctantly lead Calmarous here is coerced by Paul to transport them away from the fight. He takes them to a strange faery glade and then immediately back when he realizes he screwed up and brought the dog of the black prince with them.



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