To The Waters and The Wild

Session 5

Fey Time

  • The group went to Evan’s new apartment, the one he won from Calmarous.
  • Maximus tried to strike a deal with goblins, but found they were bound by honor (and magic) to not reveal things they were asked to keep secret and would not betray the trust of their position.

September 12th – 14th, 2010

  • They were sent back to Clearfield, arrived on the 12th. Despite the fact that they spent weeks in the fey realms, they were only gone 2 or 3 days mortal time.
  • Evan set up Suvid’s legal identity. Cormac attended to his items at the place he was mooching a couch to sleep on. He got them out and took them to the apartments in the fey lands.
  • Paul used his new teleportation magic to set up a portal near a wifi capable router. He logged on and found oddity while using the internet. The Google logo moved with pixies in it. Wikipedia was getting edited by odd sources and strange IPs. Things that were changed there were becoming real in the mortal realms. The connection was being altered by passing through the portal.
  • Max set up a room service at the Motel 6 that he became owner of. The owners were not happy with their new manager roles, but begrudgingly accepted. – See GM Note about Maximus’ title.
  • Paul hacks britt’s facebook (providence) and covers up her absence. The glamour on clearfield took care of the rest of the details.

Fey Time

  • They all teleported back to the apartments. Suvid came back to thank Maximus for his new identity, despite the fact that his driver’s license looked like a 100 year old chinese man.
  • The group introduced Suvid to Netflix in the hopes of keeping him distracted. {Suvid went to the mortal realm, interested in this netflix thing. He tried to purchase and negotiate control, but failed. He then lead a group of his servants to attack them and took out 3 distribution centers before he got bored with the idea. He now hates netflix. He is looking at this thing called blockbuster, and might bail them out…}
    *Evan visited the stables with everyone else and all were granted a gift of being able to take out noble horses. They were also informed that royal parties did not appreciate Evan riding Lazulin, even if it did help calm his madness.
  • Cormac was given a sword by L, no other information was given.
  • Maximus gathered Alpaca Wool and Strawberries because they heard that the Grey Ladies wanted exotic wool and the Sapphire Courtesan wanted to try strawberries.
  • Sent strawberries to the Sapphire Courtesan, but their status was not high enough to even be noticed by her. Her handmaiden sent a curt, but gracious reply.
  • Taking the wool to the Grey Ladies they found a quickling answering her door. He seemed odd. They then found the area devoid of goblin gimballs and guides and finally tracked one down a 5 minute walk away. He was enchanted by something. They rushed to the aid of the grey ladies and fought off 5 quicklings attacking them.
  • They killed 2, knocked 2 unconscious, and pinned one to the floor with teleported rebar.
Session 4

Fey Time

  • The rooms filled with daylight and everyone awoke. The group met max. He and Cormac recounted the events of the night before. (Session 3.5)
  • Group asked goblins about various rumors. Found out Lazulin the Royal Horse was having some issues, the Sapphire Courtesan likes strawberries, the Grey Ladies were looking for exotic wools, and Blazing Barda was looking for new meats.
  • They decided to pursue Lazulin. Went to see the horse and watched it crush a goblin in it’s rage. Lokil gazed it down and put it to sleep. Pointed them to Nalir, the real stablemaster. He was injured after being kicked (“The little guy got some good air though!” – Lokil).
  • They went to see Kolya, who was taking care of him. He showed them a ritual to join in the howling with the hounds, then showed them to Nalir. Nalir gave his permission to see the horse and try to solve it’s issue.
  • They decided there was some odd rage in the horse and he hadn’t been ridden for a while. Mac decided to try to ride it out, and he was allowed by Nalir mostly because the intervening death would be entertaining to the courts. He was granted temporary use of a suit of monolith armor to make it sporting and allowed to spend some time training before Lazulin’s next bought of madness. It took about 2 weeks. In the intervening time, much happened.
  • Maximus taught travel magic basics to paul, who caught on very well.
  • Maximus taught the basics of dueling to Cormac.
  • Cormac was challenged to a duel by a mysterious elf. Cormac got a lucky shot (superb +4) and the elf was humbled because he let his guard down. He politely withdrew and conceded the fair victory.
  • Paul was approached by many Fey who were fascinated by his nature and providence. He managed their expectations well and didn’t get stuck in any deals.
  • Maximus was awarded the title “He who oversees that which cannot be controlled.”
  • Maximus made a deal with a goblin for one “Lock any door I ask you to.”
  • Many bets were made about whether Evan would survive. Evan made a bet with Calmarous. If Evan survived, he would be awarded Calmarous’s apartments in the city. If Evan died, Calmarous would have any earthly land that Evan owned or had claim to.
  • Lazulin went into his mad rage and Evan was put on the horse. Maximus traded his “Door Locking” boon to lock “Evan’s backdoor to the saddle.”, thus making it harder to be bucked. Evan and Lazulin broke many walls and Evan forced his commanding presence onto the horse, controlling it and getting it out of the city gates. He let it ride where it wanted to go, expecting that the horse had a secret destination in mind.
  • Lazulin could not buck him and took him to a swamp (many leagues away) in hopes of getting him eaten by a spawn of Midgarðsormr (the Midgard Serpent). Evan got him under control enough to force him to jump the snake’s body. He got a lucky slash on the snake, cutting a tusk off and blinding one of it’s six eyes. His silver owl feather turned into sword, a gift from Freja Owlsdaughter.
  • He came back triumphant. Maximus tried to control the goblins for fanfare to build up cormac’s status, but it didn’t work due to the magic inherent in his new title.
  • There were parties, the group gained their first status bumps, and they were awarded Calmarous’ apartments.
Session 3.5 - Encounters In The Night


  • Backstory for Maximus Aberu is fleshed out.
  • Sometime in 2001, Maximus, a graduate student studying Irish folklore, languages, and ancient Gaelic, encounters 2 sylphs on a mountaintop. Interrupting their commune, he makes a deal for 10 years of service in exchange for his life and silence about fey matters to the outside world.
  • The 2 fey ladies (sylph by definition) are Princess Vailessia and Lady Sorremix (sorceress to the River King’s court). They use Max as an errand boy, but find his mortalness wanting in completing their errands. Lady Sorremix sends him on his first mission. He is to deliver a knife to a Mayan man somewhere in brazil and return by 6pm. He makes obvious his mortal shortcomings, and she opens a portal for him. He studies her arcane sigils in the air and tries to duplicate them.
  • Maximus travels to Peru and meets the chief. He delivers the knife, suprisingly knowing a few words that allow him to communicate. He then spends 4 or 5 hours (and one near miss of opening a portal to the dark realms) in trying to recreate the portal back. He finally manages it and comes back just in time.
  • This was a test, and Maximus passed. He is trained, harshly, in teleportation magic and manages to pick up some scrying. Despite being thrust into danger many times, he never feels as if he is left without protection of some sort.
  • Maximus serves 9 of his 10 years carrying out various missions, mastering teleportation magic and gaining some scrying magic, and trying to temper the childish ways of prince Lorric as Vailessia requests. Vailessia makes him learn how to use a broadsword. She sets him up with a good teacher whom she tells to be gentle. The teacher is gentle, when Vailessia is watching. Maximus learns quickly. Princess Vailessia overcompensates incredibly when paying Maximus (or others) back for good deeds. She asks him to feed some homeless people, saying she’ll pay him back. He spends 50 dollars getting them meals and clothing, she makes a piece of paper lucky for him (lottery ticket), and he wins 5,000 dollars, etc.
  • Vailessia tells max that strange things are going on in a city called Clearfield that is somehow connected to the shadow courts. She is to be hostage to them for the next 50 years, and it starts soon. She wants him to investigate. She arranges someplace for him to stay in clearfield. It turns out to be the top floor of the ritziest hotel there.

Late July 2010

  • Maximus is there for the storm from July 21st to the 23rd.
  • Maximus watches the city for days, notices nothing truly strange. He bribes a brownie (honey on toast) for a better contact. This is Freja Owsldaughter, a humanish sorceress. She tells him of odd happenings and the deal for clearfield. Maximus reports back. Vailessia requests he stay in cleafield. He is there through the storm.
  • Maximus’ time in the hotel runs out. He rents a cheap motel room for a few days and notices strange fey happenings in the city, but the residents don’t seem to notice.
  • Maximus reports back and meets Vailessia, now a ‘hostage’ of the Shadow fey, in the Shadow Fey courts. She requests he watch over the party and help them, but not introduce himself until the group has reached the courts on their own. She suggests talking to Cormac first, as he has the strongest fey ties in his blood. Maximus requests some help with acquiring a modest place to stay. She arranges for the dead to the cheap motel to fall into Maximus’ hands.

??? – Shadow Fey Court

  • Maximus surprises Cormac in his sleep during the night, as that is when they are least likely to be observed. Foreshadowingly, he says he is there to help and his powers might help if trouble comes knocking (slight GM fiat). There is knocking on the door. Maximus teleports them out to another room then scries and teleports them back as soon as the visitors are gone. The visitors are Calmarous, who is trying to find Evan McGregor in the guest rooms.
  • The magic of the Goblins and the Guest rooms protects the guests from those who wish ill intent or who might do a guest harm in some way. This is done by preventing doors from being opened and people from being found, even moving rooms around to protect established guests.
  • Once back, Cormac tries to alert Evan and Paul. For some reason, the guest magic on the guest house works against cormac. (See GM Secret.) Oddly (great rolls), Cormac pushes past the guest magic with GREAT power. He feels a heat and headache in the shape of a crown on his head. (Superb+3) The backups, guaranteed by the dark gods, go into place and Cormac nearly falls into a void. Maximus saves him.
  • Cicerone, the head of the Goblin Guides and Gimballs, is alerted and comes rushing in with a butchers cleaver. He demands to know what is going on, then explains about the guest magic and the dark gods’ guarantee. He leaves.
  • After some talking, a knock is heard on the door. A letter is slipped under, saying that Likeshi wants to meet Cormac. After some cautious steps, goblin guides arrange a meeting at Likeshi’s quarters with her claim of protection. Cormac is smart about things. Cormac meets likeshi, the silver chained courtesan. She, sweetly and with great and exotic sex appeal, mentions she is a sensitive (in many ways) and felt power emanating from him earlier this night. She wants to know more and wanted to meet him. They share conversation and a single glass of wine. He heads out. Maximus was playing body guard the entire time and refused to share in wine.
  • On the way out, a hooded figure mentions that Cormac was visitng the harlot. He does so quite vehemently.
  • Cormac makes it back as the sun rises and gets an hour of sleep after Maximus poits back to his room in clearfield.
Session 3 - In Which Things Begin To Happen

Tuesday The 7th

  • Everyone woke up after the party the night before. They had drank fey wine and it all got a little hazy.
  • Cormac painted the scene of the party.
  • Mac woke up with an owl feather, thinking he might have gotten laid by Freja. He found an obviously magical owl’s feather on his pillow.
  • The group gathered for breakfast to figure things out. Cormac showed the painting of the night’s events.
  • Paul Sczrnick was shown with lots of lights surrounding him. He was approached by Major General Toot Toot Minimus of the Za Lord’s Elite, demanding his army back. A small fight ensued, then a bunch of negotiation over a donut. Paul traded the army back for help in a future battle and one donut.
  • The group compared the fact that they all received an email from an anonymous “friend” who advised them on where they could find a place that would work for the ritual of the shadow road that paul knows. It required a significant amount of gold, a lantern, sackcloth, and a confession of loss.
  • Mac found a memory of a ring tossed off of miller’s bridge. Britt had a 16th birthday present. Paul wanted to find a recent divorcee who hadn’t traded in the ring and use her for the confession.
  • The group decided to search for the ring tossed off the bridge. Cormac jumped into the river (being the best swimmer) and swam down to find it. Britt used her wishing power (and a fudge point) to gather all the magic in the river to illuminate the ring. Cormac found it, and then swam around underwater for a few minutes. He then remembered that he needed to breathe and surfaced quickly. He had no problem up till then. He saw a strange figure and a pair of eyes in the water’s murk just before surfacing.

Thursday The 9th

  • The group infiltrated a grief support group and Britt convinced everyone that they should move the next session to the room where her brother died. Britt’s overwhelming wholesomeness turned the group, and their confessions of of grief powered the spell. The illusion over clearfield hid the group’s ritual from the grief support group and the group moved onto the shadow realm.
  • The group found themselves on the shadow road and proceeded forward past creepy trees that bled and whose leaves seemed to be dead sprites.
  • The group was ambushed by a group of ghouls, led by Ghorak the Mad Ghoul. Britt made a deal for any one of her breaths if they would have safe passage through the road. Ghorak agreed and protected them from Knuckletooth the Slaugh, whom he beheaded. For no conceivable reason, Cormac picked up the head of Knuckletooth the Slaugh and put it in the bag.
  • The group found their way to the shadow fey court and went down the steps. The guard at the gate didn’t acknowledge anyone but Cormac, whose Selkie blood made him viable to be acknowledged. The group was let in tangentially and found the court deserted. Only lantern dragonettes were around. The group found a blacksmith who they couldn’t see but whom they could interact with. They found Lageel who teleported them to Hidden Princess Vailessia. She offered to introduce them to the courts and try to help them become court members, but she cautioned them that it would be very dangerous.
  • She lead them before the queen in the great hall. They could see no one but felt their presence. Vailessia introduced them and everyone told of their strengths and reasoning to become court members. Britt mentioned the deal she made. Ghorak chose this moment to claim his breath. He chose britt’s current breath. This put her into a magical coma. The matter was discussed and the queen ruled that the deal was valid, despite Mac’s attempted lawyering and Paul’s attempted philosophizing. The deal held and britt was taken by Vailessia to a safe place.
  • The group were granted titles. Brit was granted Chevalier De Mortal Coil, while everyone else was named a Chevalier De Cleafeild. They were served wine and named, then went to their quarters after a dance with Blazing Barda. At the guest quarters they met Lighting Lord Suvid. Mac made a deal to set him up a mortal legal presence in exchange for some blackmail dealings with Calmarous and revealing that Calmarous was spreading lies about the battle. This was a bad idea. Heh heh heh he.
  • The group went to sleep in their quarters.
Session 2 - Research and Answers


  • August 31st, 2010 (Tues) – After defeating Calmarous and his henchmen, the group sits down with Father Oleg and talks with him. They find out he once did an “exorcism”, the recipient of which turned out to be a werewolf. This opened Oleg’s mind to odd events. He thought this was the case for the group, but that didn’t end up being the case. Father Oleg showed them his invitation to Dinner at winter’s kiss, then asked the group to go in his proxy.
  • The group decided to look into it and felt there was more to Father Oleg than expected.
  • September 1st, 2010 (Wed) – The group tracks down some leads. Paul goes to the old manor house on the river with Britt, but doesn’t find anything. Britt swears she sees faery everywhere, but Britt is so excited no one believes.
  • Mac has his research assistant find some stuff online, but it doesn’t pan out too well. He narrows it down, but can’t put his finger on it. Cormic goes to the local library and doesn’t find too much information of use. Mac goes to the historical society, but their information doesn’t get enough.
  • September 2nd, 2010 (Thurs) – The group thinks that Winter’s Kiss is the old quarry turned into the public works building. Paul’s dad works there, so he goes to lunch with his dad. Cormac and Mac go searching through the public records archive. They regroup after Paul’s Dad mentions that the Old Manor House used to be called winter’s kiss, as luck would have it.
  • The group prepares and goes to the manor house for “Dinner”. They are allowed in by Tallowgrass, the Satyr butler. They meet the “Hidden” ambassador, and he is invisible. He uses a spell to show himself for the evening. Freja Owlsdaughter, a feyblooded but human (changeling) sorceress joins them for dinner. The group learns that Clearfield is occupied by the fey due to an old agreement that the fey feel was betrayed. The group learned that they all had fey blood or unusual circumstances. Cormac has selkie blood, Evan has something odd and comprised of memory, Britt unnerved Freja, and Paul was born with unearthly levels of luck.
  • The group learns that they are in a unique position to entreat with the courts, and that the ambassador is friendly to their ideas, but not able to truly act. After drinking fey wine, the group forgets what is going on for the rest of the night, but Freja taught Paul the shadow road ritual. They all wake up in their own beds, well taken care of and rested.
Session 1 - Encountering The Oddness
  • Started with group character creation. Characters are:
    • Paul Scrznk – A 15 year old boy who goes to school in clearfield. He is a child of providence and good things just happen to him.
    • Evan Connor “Mac” Mcgregor – A lawyer/bar owner from Wappakannetta (a small town near clearfield). He sees himself as a big brother type of character to Cormac. He has some kind of innate deal making ability.
    • Cormac Macintosh- An artist in Clearfield who was born in Edinborough and then lived in small Scottish towns during his childhood. He has Selkie blood in his veins but doesn’t know it.
    • Britt Tamsen – A 16 year old girl who is above average in most things. She is obsessed with magical stuff and, unbeknownst to her, she has a fairy Godmother, like for real.


  • July 21st to 23rd, 2010 – A major storm rolled into Clearfield and only into Clearfield. It ended on the 23rd. Colder weather continued until august 2nd.
  • August 2nd – Evan “Mac” Mcgregor was contacted by a Clearfield lawyer who needed help with the case of Mark Rastery, a man accused of the attempted murder of the mayor of clearfield. He came from Wappakanetta. Cormac wakes up to find his clothing and items continuously being cleaned and organized. Paul is finding his luck extra good, and continuously finds himself in contact with young girls in his class.
  • August 2 – 9 – Mac investigates the Rastery case and the strange claims of “I did it because the strange man would kill my children otherwise.” Mac finds the children a bit odd and the wife slightly dazed. Paul sees strange things at the school. Britt says the thing is a pookah, whatever that is. Cormac keeps finding his stuff cleaned and organized every morning.
  • August 16 – The river freezes for no reason. The temp is 70. No one seems to notice. Mac comes to Clearfield to investigate, since no one seems to notice.
  • August 17 – Cormac goes to river to paint it and investigate. Britt is there ice skating, so is Paul. Mac is taking an ice sample. As he puts it on his tongue, the entire river melts with ice. (related to contract magic) Paul is dunked, all the kids ice skating are saved. Britt shows the group a strange site with the bus. looking at it out of the side of your eye shows it as a group hunting people, not a bus. Nobody still seems to notice the oddities.
  • August 18 – Mentioning the White Witch in a narnia joke makes Mac shiver. Paul talks to Cormac, so does Mac. They all agree it’s weird.
  • August 19 – Sample of water that Mac sent out comes back. Shows signs of flash freezing (bacteria normally in it destroyed by extreme cold, no chemical signs, very pure)
  • August 26 – Mac is visited by a strange white haired man who gives him a memory that calms him but is not his own. (fulfillment of deal). Cormac receives a submission form for the Anfield Museum art show. The theme has been changed to “The Surreal Within The Mundane” and the submission is on vellum… Calls Mac, who finds it odd. The submission form has very odd questions. Paul has somehow scored his class tickets to the art show opening by writing an essay, the school is ecstatic and thanks him, but he didn’t write any essay.
  • August 31 – The art show is today. Cormac’s art is up and admired by some, despite it being in the back. Mac finds out rastery hung himself in his cell. Cormac’s painting is admired and taken right after “The Black Prince” makes a speech about clearfield belonging to some king. A strange eared person grabs the painting at “The Black Prince’s” request as it is sufficient for his liking. Cormac and Mac try to stop him, Mac more so. They “step” out of the way and dissapear. Father Oleg approaches them and says they should meet him at St. Martins church. At St. Martin’s church, the group finds Father Oleg being attacked. Mac challenges Calmarous, the one who took the painting, to a duel. They fight, though it is dirty to the death, surrender, or flee. The prizes are Calmarous may never enter the church here or Mac’s right arm. Mac wins by drenching himself in holy water and bear hugging Calmarous. Paul, britt, and Cormac are edging away. Cormac throws holy water on an elf of Calmarous’s and it burns him. The church bells ring and that weakens the elves. A pookah who reluctantly lead Calmarous here is coerced by Paul to transport them away from the fight. He takes them to a strange faery glade and then immediately back when he realizes he screwed up and brought the dog of the black prince with them.

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