00 Character Guidelines

Some basic guidelines for character creation



We will be doing a group character creation in the first session. It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. One of the key concepts of this game is that characters are MOSTLY normal people dealing with the strange and odd things that have overwhelmed their lives. Characters are welcome to have supernormal powers in the beginning, but they shouldn’t be masters of the strange. Don’t worry, that will come with more exposure to the supernatural world the characters will be entering. I want to play up that wonder and fear of encountering the supernatural in the first session or two, so please look to these guidelines when making your characters. I’m willing to break these for a nifty concept, so feel free to talk to me about it.


  • Characters should start as mostly human with a reason for not being affected by the glamour on the city. The character might not now of this reason. Here are some possible examples:
    • Your character has fey blood.
    • Your character loves fantasy and is open to the ideas of the other world, though they have no proof.
    • Your character has survived some experience with the supernatural.
    • Your character has a small amount of human magical talent (i.e. Dresden Files).
    • Your character is a bit crazy.
    • Your character has some incredible talent, likely one that would attract fey senses (music, poetry, basketball, whatever). Your extraordinary talent has caused they fey to bless you with “the sight” so that they can hang out with you or attract your attention.
    • Any other reason you can come up with, verify with the Game Master.
  • You are welcome to have some supernatural abilities (supernormal gifts) to start out with, but if you understand how and why they work as a character, verify it with the Game Master.
  • Your characters are going to have plenty of chances to gain skills and abilities not natural to modern society. As you encounter and require more unique skills (like combat, magic, heraldry, etc.) you’ll have the opportunity to gain those skills through EP or in-game actions. Think past the “mundane” phase of your character and let me know if there are certain areas you want to explore with your character.

00 Character Guidelines

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